Beer brewed at Hops Hollow Brewery is a combination of the brewer’s experience, scientific background, artistic flair and passion for his craft. All of our malt draught beer is brewed with absolutely no enhancers or unnatural additives being used anywhere in the brewing process, and rivals the world’s best.


Welcome to the beauty of the Longtom Pass and the heartwarming accommodation that we offer at Hops Hollow. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the magnificent Drakensberg and retire to our comfortable and sumptuous bedrooms, all en suite. Here at Hops Hollow we strive to make you feel at home.


Apart from the B&B, we offer a full menu with appetising lunches and dinners at our restaurant. Couple this with our unique beer on tap and a full onsite bar, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Scrumptious breakfasts are served all day, for those of us who enjoy sleeping in. Come join us for our warm food and warm company.

Hops Hollow Country House

Take a tour through this video and explore Hops Hollow from the comfort of your living room.

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